Colorado Marriage Blessing Ceremony

Friends and family joined Melinda and Tron for a marriage blessing ceremony at the groom’s parents’ home in southern Colorado. Performing the blessing was Chief Reynard Faber, Honorary and Traditional Chief of the Jicarilla Apache People. Here is the slide show from a magical day.

ben chrisman - beautifully unique m’man! great job.

BRETT BUTTERSTEIN - This third image is a nice print!!!

Estevan Montoya - Great Shots! What an inspiration to a new photographer

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Taos Ski Valley Wedding

Kelly and Brad were married at The Bavarian lodge high up in the Taos Ski Basin. It was wonderful to share the day with the Santa Fe couple and their friends and family in such a beautiful location. Here is their slide show.

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Casa Estrella Wedding

Mina and Justin had a very lovely and intimate wedding at Casa Estrellas surrounded only by close family. Afterwards they joined me for a stroll in and around the historic Santa Fe Plaza.
Here is their slide show.

Mina Hernandez - Dear Vlad,

Justin and I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing talent in capturing the most important day in our life together. Your story-telling method in photography is simply amazing!! As you know, our wedding was a planned elopement with just our parents and my big brother, so many of my friends would have really liked to have been there. YOU magically transported them to our wedding thru your wonderful slideshow presentation. A million thank yous to you!! Here are just a “few” of the comments I received from my friends regarding your slideshow:

WOW. He really captured you two. That was amazing! You both looked perfect … I mean, wow. You guys radiate love, even in your photos! It made me so happy for you just watching! I love you guys. :) -Jan G.

GEEZE!! Major tears! So beautiful! That photographer is amazing, the colors were unbelievable. You both look so happy, it’s so awesome. -Elizabeth A.

Oh Mina! I don’t even have any words. Those are stunning! -Stacey P.

You were absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos with me. They made me feel as though I was actually in attendance. God bless you both with a long, wonderful and prosperous marriage. -Carlian D.

What gorgeous photos. You shine together. Just want to give you both a big hug. HUG!! I love you!! –Mona F.

Those are absolutely beautiful! Whoever took them did a really nice job! Your cake looked so yummy!!! The location was so quaint and so YOU! Your dress and shoes were so perfect and the rings are beautiful also! Thank you for sharing….. I’m so happy for you and Justin – congratulations! -Melissa C.

GORGEOUS!!!!! –and what a great photographer!!!! Congratulations again!!!! Don’t let the honeymoon end!!! ;-P -Anita B.

Clearly love ruled the day. -Debra P.

Those photos are terrific! What an amazing day! I’m very happy for you. You two make a beautiful couple. -Corey S.

Lovely pictures and beautifully put together-very different. -Vicky R.

Muchisimas Gracias, Vlad.

- Mina & Justin

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